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Crown Pest Founders: Jason, Robin, & Carson Lamb

Crown Pest Founders: Fred and Kim Ferreira

About Crown Pest

Crown Pest is a family-owned, locally-focused Arizona pest control business. We are invested in the success of our community, schools, businesses and families.

We are invested in having satisfied customers. If you have a problem or need an extra treatment let us know, we are always willing to go the extra mile.

The key to being successful is to provide value by keeping costs low and productivity high. At Crown Pest we have the discipline to stay in a small geographic area which keeps our drive time between customers to a minimum. It is just plain old common sense. The closer our next stop is, the more stops we can do in a day. And since we drive less miles, it keeps our costs down by lowering our gas expense and wear and tear on our vans. The lower drive time allows us to serve 30% more customers every day than most of our competition. In fact, the combination of less gas and less wages spent driving around completely offsets the cost of added chemicals.

Crown Pest has long-since been the premier Arizona pest control company (and it is no secret why)!

Our increased productivity makes us far more efficient and we then pass these savings on to our customers. This a win/win formula.